DOOH is a term that you may have come across when considering an advertising campaign, but you may not understand what it’s about, or why you should be using it. Let us explain.

What is DOOh about?

DOOH, or Digital Out of Home media is currently one of the hottest trends in the marketing world. It’s considered to be one of the best mediums when it comes to advertising and reaching your target market, thanks to its creative potential. But if you’re not an industry insider you may be wondering exactly what it is, how it works, and why you should consider it an integral part of any marketing campaign.

What is Digital Out of Home (DOOH)?

Let’s begin with what is OOH. OOH stands for Out of Home, and refers to media such as billboards and static signage. Digital Out of Home is a modern extension of the concept, and is simply the digital signage that appears out in public spaces. DOOH includes digital billboards, outdoor signage, small digital signs, and even television screens. It can be used to advertise products or to communicate information.

You can find DOOH in a wide range of settings, from bus shelters, train stations, and on the street, through to shopping centres, and even in doctors’ waiting rooms. London’s Piccadilly Lights is one of the best known examples of DOOH in the world, along with Times Square in the USA.

Why would you use outdoor advertising?

Although it might seem old fashioned in this digital age with so much focus on online campaigns and digital media, outdoor advertising is still one of the most effective ways of capturing the attention of your target audience.

The main benefit of outdoor advertising is that it’s a form of ‘interruption marketing’. That is, that it cannot be turned off, and they capture attention. Such signage stands out and grabs the interest of the bystander for long enough to get your brand’s message out there.

The unchanging presence of OOH advertising builds authority over time, as people see the same images and branding over and over again. It creates a consistent message that people come to know and trust, helping that brand to secure a share of the market.

Of course outdoor advertising – as with any advertising campaign – requires careful planning to make the most of its return on investment. The locations of your out of home advertising should be carefully considered to reach the ideal demographic, as should the message that you want to convey.

Why does DOOH work?

Digital OOH signage has a strong advantage over traditional outdoor advertising, as the images capture the audiences attention and interest more easily and for a longer period of time. And the more creative the better.

The interactivity of this digital display, means that it’s never been easier to attract the attention of passersby.

Unlike traditional billboards, which show the same static images for the duration of campaigns, digital out of home displays show images, and can show multiple ads that can form part of a programmatic advertising campaign.

What is possible with Digital Out of Home today?

With Digital Out of Home technology the almost anything is possible.

Used as part of a programmatic campaign, ads can be targeted not only by different times of the day to reach the most relevant target audience, but may also react to meteorological events such as weather and temperature to show relevant adverts. This is the case with London’s Piccadilly Lights, which automatically change their adverts to match the prevailing weather events.

DOOH and digital signage can be combined with other technology to return even more impressive results. It can be combined with facial recognition technology to match content with the demographics of those passing by.

DOOH also allows for reduced management costs. Although there is a greater set-up cost initially the ongoing costs are lower. Whereas traditional billboards incur printing and installation costs for each advert, DOOH advertising can be changed frequently on an automated basis, similar to online ads. This creative and programmatic approach generates a greater return on investment that justifies the initial expense.

So now it should be clear that you should be considering DOOH as part of any advertising campaign you’re considering. At Mass Media, our digital experts can guide you through the entire process of getting your DOOH campaign off the ground and generating consumer interest.



DOOH can’t be switched off and creates wider audience targeting.


It’s non-intrusive to consumers, engaging a more friendly
customers experience.


Interactive experiences create
a connection between your
brand and consumers.


Dynamic, interactive, updated content, delivered in real time captures at the right time.


Is DOOH Effective?
  •    Outdoor advertising costs 80% less than  
          television or newspaper ads

  •    Everyone who leaves their home is exposed to
          outdoor advertising media!

  •    People spend 70% of their time out of home
          and on the move

   69% of consumers make purchase decisions
      outside of their home frequently

Retention Rates

   Over 8 in 10 of billboard viewers look at the
      advertising message

   83% of those who saw a digital billboard could
      recall the specific message displayed

   84% of retailers regard digital signage as
      an opportunity to significantly raise brand

Consumer Influence
  •    40% of viewers specifically visit a store or
          restaurant after they saw a digital advert

  •    19% of consumers claim to have made a
          unplanned, impulse purchase of products they
          saw advertised digitally

  •    80% of brands experience a significant
          increase in additional sales through DOOH


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