Are you keeping the same content for weeks at a time?

Do you use bullet points or long sentences?

Does your ad flash by too quickly to read or too slow to hold attention?

MAD Media offer creative that captures the attention of audiences. Creating a dynamic and visually appealing advert is crucial to a successful campaign and a lot of careful consideration goes into making top quality, eye catching creative. We are able to help you create an ad that will grab the attention of your target audience.


What’s the most compelling thing you can say about your business or brand? Define this sales opportunity and why your customers wouldn’t want to miss it. This becomes the backbone of your advertising message. Whether you have plenty of ideas about what you want your advert to do and say or you haven’t got the first clue where to start, our creative team will work with you to develop the content and design of your advert. 
Just talk to us and we can make a creative breif based on your target audience and key message.

1. Develop specific creative for OOH. Consider it as a medium in its own right using its unique creative capabilities to deliver a superior emotional connection more easily.

2. When, where and who must be considered in the creative process of digital out of home to maximise a campaign.

3. Use technology to support creativity, not trends.

4. Create dynamic content to deliver precise and relevant campaigns. Develop multiple creative to respond to predetermined events. The relevance of the creative can increase awareness and effectiveness.

5. Create a simple user journey to deliver magic with logic. DOOH has a direct synergy with mobile, and to place DOOH directly into the sequential behaviour of consumers the connection between the two must be a simple transition with a stream of content most relevant when utilising mobile.

8. Even the smallest amount of creative change will help elevate engagement.

1. A typical slot on our digital out of home screens are 15 seconds. The loop length itself will vary depending on the screen.

2. When delivering copy on large format digital out of home locations, use a font size of minimum 40px to be visible. It is important to note that if the text on the creative is unreadable on your computer screen at 100% zoom, it will not be visible on a digital out of home screen.

3. Using colour is crucial in enhancing visual attention, so using a dark background with elements of vibrant colour will deliver the most eye catching and impactful ads.

4. Keep images simple for roadside or elevated screens. Fine detail is more suited to pedestrian billboards.

5. When delivering final content deliver the correct file type, built for stability and quality with little variation across formats.

.jpg files are recommended, files must be RGB. Maximum limit is 500kb

.mov files encoded using h.264 are recommended. Maximum limit is 20MB

We recommend avoiding Full White for large areas of the background (ie logo in centre with total white behind) as the full white can distract from the message.

Design Specs HOBSON
RGB JPEG 1920X960 Pixels - minimum text height of 40 pixels

Design Specs LIARDET (corner board)
RGB JPEG 2 parts | side one (left) 1080w x 960h pixels - side two 1560w x 960h pixels - minimum text height of 36 pixels
These two join at a 90 degree angle around the corner. With this site images can wrap around corner but each side needs to be 'complete' ie a message can't continue around the corner, if someone sees just one side they need to get the full message.

Design Specs C3
RGB JPEG 2400w x 1120h pixels - minimum text height of 60 pixels

Design Specs WHANGANUI
RGB JPEG 2400w x 1120h pixels - minimum text height of 60 pixels

Design Specs HAMILTON
RGB JPEG 2760w x 960h pixels - minimum text height of 60 pixels

91077633_523109888592951_3395724809210953728_n12576 Digital-Billboard_Liardet-St-1WR%20Phillips%20Liardet%20Full%20outback%202ICON_MM_1920x960_MARCH20HOB TAF-WOMAD-2020LIA TCB-WEREBACK-MAY-2020


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