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Edward Aish is a firm believer in the benefits of great advertising – having been involved in the industry for many years, and he works hard to create effective advertising which is accessible for a wide range of businesses – from big to small.

Ed is a family man, in his spare time he loves going to the gym, has dabbled in bodybuilding (Mr. Taranaki 2009) and he plays the keyboard at his local church.

Six years ago, starting in New Plymouth MAD Media commenced its operations in New Zealand. Edward Aish is one of the founding directors of MAD Media.

“In our initial stages I was doing all our sales, as well as graphic design, now with a talented team, my business partner Jacques and I and oversee all aspects, from sales, installs to graphic design.”

The company specialises in digital billboard advertising and has since expanded from its New Plymouth base to include other locations such as Whanganui and Waikato. With plans for further expansion, Taupo, Palmerston North and Rotorua are next on the list (plus some more in Hamilton), the company is steadily growing its presence in the market

“We currently have 12 digital billboards nationwide, and we hope to add several more within the next six to twelve months”, said Edward Aish.

Building relationships is essential in any business, as proven after many years working in the industry, and Ed admits one of the favourite aspects of the company is flicking the switch on in a new location and welcoming new clients to the MAD Media Family.

“Like the rest of the team, I take much pride in my work and love working in an exciting industry where you really can make a difference”, explains Edward.

Edward has been a part of the advertising industry since he was 13. By 16, he had already started a TV commercial production company and has vast experience from print to digital marketing.

“My experience in advertising is what I bring to the table for MAD Media, working to help people get their business up in lights, make an impact and achieve tangible results for little cost, Edward explains.

“We are leaders in our field. The MAD Media brand has a real personality that people relate to. Our team, their experience, and our overruling desire to achieve results for our clients set us apart. We focus on having a product that is cost effective for small to medium


At MAD Media, we strive to install our digital billboards at excellent locations with great viewing distance, good dwell time and few distractions. The perfect example is our Pukete/Wairere Dr Waikato digital billboard – it is an incredible corner with all of the above and we are the only advertising visible at this location! It’s the perfect companion to any Waikato Digital Advertising Campaign

“Our Digital Billboards are welcome entertainment while sitting at the lights", says Edward.

“If I could offer one piece of advice to a starting business, it would be to invest the money advertising yourself – prioritise getting your company out in front of people in a well-shaped advertising campaign.”

“The future of digital billboards is exciting. As technology grows, you can target your audience more”, says Edward.

“Our team’s goals are further growth in the digital billboard industry, in prime locations, with a focus on regional towns.”



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